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    We are a Marketing/advertising firm that is specific to the Green Industry!! We do not work outside the Nursery/Garden industry!

    Our Mission – is to bring about the digital age, while being plant sales oriented, for the betterment of these plants, we speed up the supply chain to the homeowner. This method decreases spoilage, gets more requests and higher profits for you, the farm and retail nursery.

Plant Distributor Websites

PlantDistributors.com believes in the supply chain from grower to Retail Nursery, we will not bypass this flow, and we do not sell at a discounted price, or sell to big box stores!

These sites are managed by Plantdistributors.com, which means you will not be billed for technical issues! We do not just build you a website and forget it.

We manage your website to keep it up-to-date and secure. We offer US based training and support. You will never be left guessing how to do anything. We even manage uptime and backups. If the website ever crashes, you will not be billed hourly to fix it. You will have access to a support team and account executive, with horticultural training. You will be guided through any issue you may encounter at no additional charge.

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The days of being a “who?”, “what?” and “where?” on the world wide web are over! You must start interacting. Plantdistributors.com can help! Internet sales have become about capturing visitor’s information, getting call backs, accomplishing sales and fulfilling requests.

We are Gardening-Industry specific, meaning we focus on the best methods with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) for you and your plants!

Plantdistributors.com sites are built on WordPress platforms, so they are compatible with most POS (Point of Sales) systems.

Your opinion matters – if their a topic/plant/service page you would like us to add, just let us know!!!

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PlantDistributors.com has three product lines…, all are rebranded with your company’s logo, contact information (email, phone, and address) and your company colors on your own website:

Farm Listing Website

Request for Quote or E-Commerce Websites

Service Based Websites

Plantdistributors.com is excited to provide co-op marketing materials.

What does that mean to you?
For a low fee, you’ll have access to high-quality content like blogs, thought leadership articles, planting guides, and social media posts. This will allow you to educate your customers, promote your business, and best represent your inventory. Just add your logo and put them to work!

In addition to providing content, we can also help you with deploying branded content to marketing channels like:

  • Social media: Reach potential customers with engaging, branded posts that provide helpful information.
  • Paid Per Click management: Maximize revenue with targeted advertising
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization to help your customer find your website and stay there
  • Email blasts and newsletters: Gain repeat business by staying top of mind and top of inbox with newsletters and emails showcasing seasonal planting and care information.
  • Print materials: Better than a business card, care guides with your company information will help plants AND repeat customers take root! Your care guides will provide the information your customers need to keep their plants thriving.

This minimizes spoilage and returns and spurs sales of soil amendments, additives, and companion plants.

Whether you want to make your DIY marketing easier or have it done for you, we’re here to partner with you to shine a light on your business and help you grow.

Sample – CO-OP content topics, for use. Click here

Additional Web Programming – A “Bulk Materials” Calculator with “A Call to Action” button! Customers can utilize your website to calculate how many bags, or yards needed and can submit a rfq for materials and delivery costs, so you can, respond by phone or email


All mailers include PRINTING & POSTAGE, presorted, trayed and delivered for maximum postal discount, NCOA (corrects any move updates if needed), CASS (ensures all addresses are correct), all printing 4/4 process color.

Soon To Bloom Mailers

Every Door Direct Mailer (EDDM)

Direct Mailers

We can mail as every door direct mail…give away, promotion with scannable POS (Point of Sale) bar codes – Call for custom pricing.

We can design and print catalogs and brochures as well

We can aide in building prospects mailing list such as, new homeowners, garden enthusiasts, business, restaurants, high income areas, and more. Prices vary based on list size.