Norfolk Island Pine Eriococcin – Eriococcus araucariae

Norfolk Island pine Eriococcin (Eriococcus araucariae)

Common Name: Norfolk Island pine Eriococcin

Latin Name:  Eriococcus araucariae


Large-sized expanded setae with rounded or slightly truncate apices, confined to body border, abdominal segments generally with 3 setae on each lateral edge of each abdominal segment, the remainder of dorsum with small sized more prominent setae with truncate apices; microducts with bifurcate orifices; anal lobe strongly sclerotized on both sides, without teeth; hind tibia with 4 setae. Other characters include: Anal lobes protrude; invaginated tubular ducts exist; transparent pores on hind coxa and femur; cruciform pores occur on ventral along body border.


Norfolk Island Pine Eriococcin is a native to Norfolk Island, Australia.

Life history and habits:

Newly grown adult female brownish yellow with 1 pair of purple stripes on sublateral part of dorsum; older females purple. Crystalline rods are apparent at the body margin only. Felted ovisac white, containing mature females and up to 207 eggs. Occurring on the foliage of the host