Noxious Bamboo Mealybug – Antonina pretiosa

Noxious Bamboo Mealybug (Antonina pretiosa)

Common Name: Noxious Bamboo Mealybug

Latin Name: Antonina pretiosa)


  • The adults and immatures of the bamboo mealybug have a greyish-pink colour and are coated in a thin white mealy wax. They do not have lateral stripes.
  • Filaments are similar on the surface. Like the hibiscus flower, which is pink.mealybug, but this mealybug does not happen on bamboo, nor does


The bamboo mealybug, native to Malaysia

Damages caused by Noxious Bamboo Mealybug:

Unlike the noxious bamboo mealybug, the bamboo mealybug causes significant harm to the host plant. New shoots are more vulnerable to injury, and dense populations might result in the abortion of new shoots. Severe infestations have the potential to kill bamboo stands. New infestations are difficult to detect, but cottony white masses are evident in severe infestations.

Life history and habits:

The bamboo mealybug was initially discovered in San Diego County. In Vista, California, scientists discovered a new invasive species that prey on bamboo. Although Bambusa oldhammi was the first bamboo species to be infected, other bamboo species are also at risk.Although there are at least 30 different species of mealybugs, only one, the noxious bamboo mealybug, is considered a serious threat to bamboo.