Painted Leafhopper – Endria inimical

Painted Leafhopper (Endria inimical)

Common Name: Painted Leafhopper

Latin Name: Endria inimical


A pair of black dots on the head, a couple on the pronotum, and a couple on the scutellum’s base distinguishes it. Has a more distinguishable nymph with brown stripes along the sides.


Painted leafhoppers are found in US & Canada except in the southwest

Life history and habits:

There are two generations yearly, with the first finishing development on grasses around 1 July and the second mainly developing on grains in the summer. At 90° F., E. inimical develops rapidly; the lower limit is about 60° F. The life cycle was completed in 45.8 days at 80 5° F. The life cycle was completed in the field in 42 days throughout the summer.