Walnut Lace Bug – Corythuca juglandis

Walnut Lace Bug – Corythucajuglandis

Common Name: Walnut Lace Bug

Latin Name: Corythucajuglandis



  • Adults are 1/8 to 1/3 inch in length.
  • The body color is light with black markings.
  • Wings protrude from the abdomen and are kept flat.
  • The tops of their wings and thorax are sculptured and lacey.


  • Nymphs are Wingless.
  • Spiny, having a flat oval body.
  • Adults are darker.


Walnut Lace Bug is found in North America.

Damages caused by Walnut Lace Bug:

Lace bug feeding can discolor leaves, but it usually has little effect on the health of woody plants.