Western Patato – Empoasca abrupta

Western Patato – Empoascaabrupta

Common Name: Western Potato

Latin Name: Empoascaabrupta


  • Adult beetles are around 10mm long. Each wing cover has five black lines with a yellow to underlying red colour.
  • Larvae are similarly vividly coloured and can grow to be 15mm long. They are brilliant red at first, with a black head and legs, but this fades to a pale orange before pupation.
  • The Western potato leafhopper (Empoasca abrupta) is a little winged yellow, green, or brown bug.
  • That grows to a length of around 3mm.


Western Patato Throughout in the United States

Damages caused by Western Patato:

Leafhoppers infest potato plants and suck sap from potato leaves, causing a yellow mottle. Their eggs are usually laid within the plant and thus are invisible.