Introduction to our company, your horticultural web solution company

First, Peter Horn, the Founder and President, has almost thirty years of experience in various areas of the Horticultural/Green industry.  Peter has worked in both retail and wholesale nurseries, sold interior tropical plants to major corporations located in Manhattan where he also sold service agreements to maintain those plants, as well as seasonal potted flowers, cut flower arrangements, and holiday decoration change-outs.  He had left those roles to pursue his own maintenance accounts for both homeowners and corporations.

In his years of study of the industry as well as building his horticultural knowledge, he developed various sales and marketing methods.  We at hope you begin to follow us on any one of our social media sites for FREE marketing/advertising insights in which we hope you’ll contact us about to utilize our services.

One of the best methods is to let the customers know that every garden requires work. Adjustments and additions will be needed due to the seasonality of plant availability.  This makes them refer to you, their horticultural professional time and time again.  The best way Peter has done this is by explaining to homeowners a design technique that in his opinion is not well explained within the industry.  Instead of selling and installing plants that are in bloom all at once, have changing backdrops and focal points as perennials and other flowering shrubs come in and out of bloom in order to have a complete season with rotating blooms.  This method will encourage the homeowner to come back again to add more and more.

With our online solutions as well as other services, we built a database of 10,000 plants broken up into the approximate time of bloom. (I.e. early spring, mid-spring, late spring). This will equip you with their horticultural profession an easy way to convey visually and particularly about the plants that you are recommending or that they can choose from.

Most horticultural websites, in Peter’s opinion, whether it’s wholesale or retail provide a list of plants.  No matter anyone’s experience there’s a knowledge gap between knowing what that plant is visually and knowing how it will perform from a list. has thousands of pictures and written descriptions of the plants, growing requirements, mature heights, as well as common diseases and pests for the longtime care of the plants. This leads to bigger deals and more sales.

The program also highlights popular categories, like trees, coniferous, deer resistant, aquatic, annuals, roses and many more for the purpose of better merchandising.

Both retail and landscape service providers make a huge error not retargeting those homeowners that they either already sold to or serviced.  If you’re a service provider, most of the time, clients aren’t home when mowing their lawn. can provide a soon to bloom flier/mailer of your design of what’s available for sale, with the feature service of the month (gutter cleaning/planting mums). This not only gives you brand recognition because we put your company name on it, but it builds merchandising profits for you. can provide HTML designs for emails, catalogs, and other printed materials as well. also developed a Bulk Materials Calculator, which is not a new tool to the industry, but ours will email the customer’s measurements and their contact information to you. So, you may follow up either through email or phone with your pricing and delivery fees.

Today, websites have become less about who, what and where you are, but the need to be visually appealing, educational, and most importantly about capturing leads or being interactive to complete a sale. Whether it’s for a particular plant or service they are looking for. has crafted and mindfully taken this account for you.  We make it easy in several ways for website visitors to leave their information, obtain the information they need, and utilize a reference guide.

We do not recommend that you have to buy plants from anyone, you are responsible for your own sourcing, our program lets you decide exactly on what you’re offering with a click of a mouse.  You’ll have the choice whether it’s e-commerce or by RFQ (request for quote) platforms. We even have a low-cost program just for landscape service providers who do not want to sell plants but rather expand their customer base.

Service-based websites feature lead capturing forms for visitors to inform you on which service they are looking for.  The pre-written service pages are written with SEO (search engine optimization) already built-in. Therefore,  just let us know which services you’d like to offer. will add new service pages for you to choose from for free and continue to find ways to improve them.

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For farms we’ve built a multi listing website for your convenience. Our goal is to build a National availability list for both the garden center and homeowner to search to point them to where they can purchase from.  Farms can post-plant names/pictures/sizes of actual plant material on the site without pricing to eliminate the need to send retailers pictures of plants hundreds of times per day.  But also, to network with your retailers, or help retailers expand their inventory without having the plant in stock or build bigger loads to them.

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For all platforms provides you with space for portfolio pictures to designate your service areas by town and zip codes to avoid ordering outside of your service area, who, what and where you are.  We of course will put your logo on it as well as match the company’s colors.  We will also connect your social media to the website.

For your social media needs, we have developed Grab-N-Go posts starting at $6.00 each.  Social media is editable to add your personal touch, like plant of the month, pricing, etc.  Social posts cover general services a landscaper would provide, holiday-oriented themes, merchandising, popular plants, as well as pre-written blogs that should be edited sighting plants that are in stock in your store/area for you to merchandise.

Free tip – experiment with the Google Earth measuring tool on your business location or residence, it provides satellite overhead photos by address.  It is a time saver as well as if able while on the phone with a customer to view their property and take measurements which we have found to be within inches of accuracy.  Measure square feet for lawn treatments, or if the customer wants to install a hedge along the back fence.  We still recommend doing a job site visit for digging hazards, slope, or soil conditions.

Please connect with us on social media so we can reach you and provide free advertising/marketing insights, as well as developments as we expand and grow.