Beaucarnea recurvata – Nolina recurvata – – Medium – Pony Pail palm – Nolina recurvata

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Beaucarnea – Nolina recurvata

Indoors they can reach the ceiling and grow in soil based potting mix in full light. Water moderately in growth, sparingly in winter.

B. recurvata – Nolina recurvata – Nolina tuberculata – Ponytail Palm This slow growing, bulbous swollen stems, evergreen palm from Southeastern Mexico grows 12-25′ feet tall and 6-12′ feet wide. It has a flaring to flask shape base, the trunk branches sparingly with age. It produces rosettes of mid to deep green leaves, to 6′ feet long, are channeled and recurved, and sometimes twisted. In summer it bears tiny, mauve tinted, creamy white flowers, in panicles 3′ feet long followed by pinkish 3 winged fruit. Rare to flower and fruit under glass. Makes a handsome large houseplant.

Zones 10-15