Chamaedorea – Medium – Bamboo palm – Reed palm –

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Chamaedorea –

interior plant

C. seifrizii – Reed Palm – This small, multi stemmed palm from Southeastern Mexico grow 3-6′ feet tall and 3-5′ feet wide.From flexible, cane like stems that may be semi scandent in mature or large specimens. Alternate or loosely clustered, pinnate, rich green leaves, to 24″ long, have 24-28 narrowly lance shaped leaflets. Insignificant, yellow flowers are borne in erect panicles, 6-10″ long, either on stalks or just above the foliage. The small, spherical fruit are black.

Indoors grow in soilless potting mix in bright filtered or indirect light, shaded from hot sun. In the growing season, water freely and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly, water sparingly in winter. They are tolerant of occasionally drying out.

Zones 11-15