Acer palmatum Atro. ‘Bloodgood’ – Acer Blood Good Maple – Maple


Acer palm. Atro. ”Bloodgood’

specimen tree often used for its red color throughout the growing season leaves turn brighter red in autumn and has interesting branch structure making this tree an all season delight

deciduous tree – Grows well in cooler temperature areas with adequate rainfall in fertile soil but well drained in sun or partial shade. For better fall color plant in acidic or neutral soil.

‘Bloodgood’ – Grows 30 feet tall and wide bearing dark red purple leaves and red winged fruit. In autumn the leaves turns red.

Acer palmatum atropurureum ‘Bloodgood’ – Bloodgood Japanese Red Maple – From Japan, Korea, and China, it thrives in rich moist but well drained soil. It’s an upright shrubbery tree 12-20’ feet tall with interesting branch structure with 5-7 lobed red leaves that turn vibrant red in autumn. Making it all season attraction. Full sun to part shade
Zones 5-9

zone 5-8