Actaea Alba – Actaea pachypod – Doll’s Eye’s – White baneberry – White cohosh – Baneberry

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Actaea – Baneberry

A Genus of about 8 species of frost hardy perennials from Europe, temperate Asia and North America.  Found mostly in damp woodlands and on limestone outcrops.  They’re grown for their foliage, which are large compound leaves, groups of 2-3 leaflets around common stem springing from the root-crown. The leaves are thin and broad with strong vein and sharp-toothed edges.  Short feathery spikes that are hardly detectable are the flowers.  The berries can be white, red, or black bearing on contrasting stalks.

All parts of this plant are poisons especially the berries.

They thrive in cool moist climate moderately fertile soil or enrich with plant mold in partial shade.  Simulate a sheltered woodland conditions or place in a cool spot in a rock garden.  Water thoroughly in dry weather.  They can be divided.

Prone to Ramularia leaf spot, Ascochyta leaf spots and leaf smut occur.

Actaea Alba – Actaea pachypod – Doll’s Eye’s – White baneberry – White cohosh – This Eastern North American clump forming perennial grows 36” inches tall and 18-24” inches wide.  Bears fresh green leaves of 3-12 rounded to egg shape leaflets, and white flowers in ¾-2” in globular racemes in late spring to early summer.  Followed by gleaming white berries 3/8”across each with a black eye on stalks that are elongated thicken and turn red.

Zones 3-9