Aglaonema commutatum ‘Pseudobracteatum’ –

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There are about 20 species of rhizomatous evergreen perennial from tropical forest in Asia in this genus.  Commonly used for a houseplant for its ability to grow in poor light.  Leaves are borne on long sheathing leaf stalks from a central growing point.  The leaves are mottled, barred or variegated.  They bear oval berries that can be colorful if growing conditions are right.

When growing indoors grow in well-drained soil less or soil based potting mix in filtered light with high humidity.  But will also grow in conditions of poor light and soil.  Water moderately and allow it to dry out between watering in winter.  Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during growing season.

When growing outdoors well drained soil of moderately fertile that’s humus rich in partial shade.

Prone to mealy bugs, scale insects, Bacterial stem rots, fungal stem rots, fungal leaf spots, and Dasheen mosaic virus.

Aglaonema commutatum ‘Pseudobracteatum’ – This perennial grows 24” tall and in breadth.  On 6” long stalks it bears 12” narrowly elliptic that mid to dark green leaf blades with irregular white and pale green markings radiating from leaf veins.

Zones 14-15