Akebia trifoliate ‘Variegata’ – Akebia lobata – Three-leaf akebia – Chocolate vine


Akebia – Chocolate vine
There are about 5 species of deciduous or semi evergreen twinning climbers. Akebia is native to the edges of forest in Eastern Asia. Grown for their foliage and flowers. There mid green, 3-7 palmate leaves are bronze tinted when young. In spring slightly fragrant reddish purple to brown racemes of self-sterile shallowly cup shaped flowers appear. Female flowers are larger and deeper colored. After flowers edible sausage shape fleshly blue purple fruits appear. To ensure cross-pollination grow 2 plants from the same species not of the same clone.
Train up a tree or on terllis. Akebia may become invasive grow in moist but well drained fertile soil or humus rich in sun or partial shade. Prune after flowering remove tangled stems every 3-4 years.
Prone to twig dieback.

Akebia trifoliate ‘Variegata’ – Akebia lobate ‘Variegata’ – Three-leaf akebia – This native to China and Japan climbs to 30’ feet high. This deciduous semi evergreen bears leaves that are first bronze turning glossy cream splashed dark green are composed of three 1 ½-2 ½” long shallowly lobed light green leaflets. The brownish purple flowers are unscented followed by 5” long fruit in spring.
Zones 5-8