Albizia adianthifolia ‘ Flat Crown ‘ Paraserianthes

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Albizia – Paraserianthes

There are about 150 species of fast growing short lived deciduous trees and shrubs and of climber often found in poor soil in sub tropic and tropic regions of Africa, Asia to Australia in this genus.  It bears attractive feathery leaves and densely clustered globular small pink, cream, or white flowers in which stamens are far longer and more noticeable then the petals.  After flowers, flattened pods appear.  Both foliage seedpods provide nutritious feed for livestock and the powered bark as been used as soap.

Under glass grow in soil based potting mix in full light with shade from hot sun and water freely during growing season and apply a liquid balanced fertilizer monthly.  Water sparingly in winter. Position in full light with shade from hot sun.

Outdoors they require moisture and warm summer in moderate fertile to poor soil that’s well drained in full sun.

Prone spider mites, white flies, and a variety of fungi cause twig dieback and gall, and vascular wilts.

Albizia adianthifolia – Flat Crown – In the wild grows 120’ feet tall but in cultivation 40’ feet is more usually.  This long-lived tree with a very broad umbrella shaped crown supported on a thick trunk with flaky brown bark.  Spidery hemispherical heads of white flowers appear in winter and spring attracts nectar-feeding birds.

Zones 9-12