Anise hyssop – Agastasche foeniculm ‘Liqorice’


Agastasche foeniculm ‘Liqorice’

blooms mid summer

comes 1 or 2 gallon pots

Agastache foeniculum – Agastache anethiodora – Agastache anisata – Anise Hyssop – This native to North America is commonly grown as an annual but can be a perennial that grows 3-5’ feet tall and just a foot wide. The sweet smelling oval to egg shaped to lance shaped, veined leaves 2-3” long with downy and whitish green undersides have been used for herbal tea or food flavoring. From mid summer to early autumn it bears 1 ½-3” dense spikes of blue or blue with violet bracts.

perennial – Easily grown in moist well-drained fertile soil and prefers sunny position. Most will tolerant occasional frost down to 20 degree Fahrenheit.

Zones 4-11