Anthericum ramosum ‘ Anthericum graminifolium ‘ Spider plant

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Anthericum – Spider plant

There are some 50 species of fleshy rooted rhizomatous perennial from grassy scrub on hillsides from Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia, in this genus.  They forms clumps of narrow grass like leaves.  In spring or summer wiry 3’ foot long stems carry small starry 6 petalled white flowers in racemes or panicles followed by brown capsular fruits.  Great for herbaceous border and an excellent cut flowers.

Grow in moist, but well-drained soil in full sun or morning shade.  Divide in late winter to early spring.

Prone to rust, slug and snail damage.

Anthericum ramosum – Anthericum graminifolium – This rhizomatous perennial grows 36” tall and derives found from Northern to Southern Europe, and Turkey.  It produces linear gray-green leaves 16” long.  In early and mid summer it bears branched open panicles of star shaped lily-like white flowers to ½” wide with tepals ½-3/4” long.

Zones 5-8