Campanula ‘Kent Belle’ – Bellflower –


Campanula ‘Kent Belle’


plant in part sunny location

blooms in early summer

comes in 1 or 2 gallon sized containers

Campanula – Azorina Bellflower – Bell flower – Bluebell –

There are about 300 species of showy annuals, biennials, and perennials, some of which are evergreen, in this genus. They are distributed widely throughout temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in Southern Europe and Turkey, and grow in diverse habitats, from high alpine rock crevices and scree to moorland, meadows and woodlands. Most species are easily grown and provide a long flowering display, blooming from late spring to late summer. The flowers are usually borne in panicles, racemes, or clustered heads, but are sometimes solitary. They vary from tubular to bell or star shaped, and may also be cup or saucer shaped in shades of blue, purple with some pink and white. The smooth edged or toothed leaves are alternate. Campoanulas vary in habit from mat forming, dwarf perennials, to herbaceous species, 6′ feet tall.

zones 3-8