Bifrenaria – Orchid

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There are about 20 species of epiphytic orchids, in this genus. They occur in South America. They are grown for their striking, rather waxy flowers. They have crowded egg shaped pseudobulbs that ten towards being 4 sided, each terminating in solitary, large leathery leaf. Short erect flower spikes arise from between the pseudobulbs, each carrying one or a few flowers, of roughly triangular shape, with the lower sepals spreading horizontally and the upper ones hooded, while the short labellum and upper petals are folded inward. Colors range from white to pink, purplish or greenish.

They are normally grown in moderately heated but well ventilated greenhouse with fair level of humidity. They do not need to undergo a dormant periods and should not dry out completely. Pot in a standard orchid mix or grow in a raft and keep tem in strong light. Divide when plants become root bound. (see chart below)