Briza media – Common Quacking Grass – Trembling Grass – Quaking Grass –

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Briza – Quaking Grass –

There area bout 20 species of tufted, annual and perennial grasses, in this genus. They occur in open scrub and on a range of natural grassland in temperate region of Europe and Southwestern Asia. Attractive long lasting, loose or dense racemes or panicles of pendent, 4 to 20 flowered spikelets, animated by the slightest wind, which may rattle are borne in summer. The leaves are linear and form loose, small to large clumps of foliage and usually dry off soon after flowering. Grow in a mixed or herbaceous border, or in a rock garden. The flowers heads are very popular for dried flower arrangements, used either in their natural color or, very often, dyed.

Grow annuals in any well drained soil in full sun. Perennials tolerate a wide range of well drained soil types in sun or partial shade. Divide perennial from mid spring to mid summer.

B. media – Common Quacking Grass – Trembling Grass – This perennial grass from Europe and Western Asia grows 24-36″ tall and 12″ wide. It forms dense tufts of linear, finely bristle-edged, blue green to mid green leaves, to 6″ long. From late spring to mid summer it bears erect stems that carry open, pyramidal panicles to 7″ long, of up to 30 flowered, nodding, heart shaped spikelets, to ½” long, brownish purple tinted green at first, later turn straw colored and are arranged like a rattlesnakes tail.

Zones 5-11