Bupleurum rotundifolium – Thorow-wax –

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Bupleurum – Thorow-wax –

There are about 100 species of annuals, perennials, and evergreen or semi evergreen shrubs, in this genus.   They are widely distributed on dry, upland scrub, in moist areas and among rocks in the Northern Hemisphere, with some species occurring in South Africa. The variably shaped leaves are alternate, simple, and smooth edged, often with conspicuous parallel veins. It bears rounded compound umbels of star shaped, yellowish or greenish flowers are usually surrounded by involucres of leaf bracts. Grow in a flower or shrub border or for cut flowers and smaller species for a rock garden.

Grow in any light, well drained soil in full sun. Deadhead to avoid self seeding. Divide perennials in spring. Shrubby species are salt resistant. Can be pruned into a hedge.

B. rotundifolium – This bushy, yellow stemmed annual or short lived perennial from Central and Southern Europe and Northern and Central Asia grows 18-24″ tall and 12″ wide. It produces stem clasping, egg to elliptic shaped, or rounded, glaucous, mid green leaves, 3/4-2″ long, slightly pink flushed when young. In summer it bears umbels to 1 1/4″ across, of 4-8 greenish yellow bracts surrounding tiny, star shaped, yellow flowers.

Zones 3-7