Chimaphila umbellata – Western Prince’s Pine – Prince’s Pine –


Chimaphila – Prince’s Pine –

There area bout 6 species of evergreen, creeping perennials, in this genus. They occur in cool temperate woodland in Europe, Asia and North America. They have slender, upright stems, and produce opposite or whorls of leathery leaves and nodding, white to pink flowers in terminal corymbs or umbels. They grow best in cool climates, and are ideal for a woodland garden or for shaded areas in a rock garden.

Grow in moist but well drained, humus rich, acidic soil, enriched with leaf mold, in a cool site in partial or dappled shade. Not easy to establish.

Prone to slugs and snails.

C. umbellata – Western Prince’s Pine – This evergreen perennial from Northern and Central Europe and Northern Asia, Japan and Eastern North America grows 14″ tall with an indefinite spread. From branched, hairless stems it carries whorls of inversely lance shaped, toothed, mid green leaves, 1 1/4-3″ long. In summer it bears densely hairy umbels of 3-10 white, pink, or red flowers, to ½” across.

Zones 4-8