Aquilegia flabellata ‘ Cameo mix’ – Columbine ‘Cameo mix’ –


Aquilegia flabellata ‘ Cameo mix’

deciduous perennial

blooms in mid spring

comes in quart or in 1, 2 gallon containers

Aquilegia flabellate – Aquilegia akitensis – Fan Columbine – This hardy alpine perennial from Japan and Korea grows 4-18” tall and 4-6” wide. It produces ternate or 2 ternate blue-green leaves divided into leaflets ½-1 ½” long. In early summer it bears terminal semi-erect to nodding soft blue-purple flowers, with 1 or 2 per stem with white or cream petal tips and short hooked spurs to ¾” long. Requires moist soil and partial shade.

These frost hardy plants prefer moist but well-drained light soil enriched with manure in full sun or partial shade. Grow alpine species in gritty, humus-rich, and moist but sharply drained soil in full sun. Protect from strong winds and in hot areas provide some shade.

zone 4-9