Cycnoches – Swan Orchid – Orchid

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Cycnoches – Swan Orchid –

There are about 12 species of deciduous, epiphytic orchids, in this genus. They occur in Central and South America, occurring at altitudes of 3,250′ feet high. They have elongated, spindle shaped to cylindrical, fleshy pseudobulbs, produce soft, folded, strap shape to ovate, light to mid green leaves in summer. Swan like flowers, which may be male or female, are carried on arching or pendent racemes from the nodes on the upper portion of the pseudobulbs, in early summer. The sex of the flower is determined by the light level, in poor light, inflorescences of male flowers are usually produced. Female inflorescences develop in brighter conditions.

Warm growing orchids (see chart below). Grow in epiphytic orchid potting mix in deep containers or baskets. In summer provide bright filtered light and moderate humidity, water moderately, applying fertilizer at every second watering, and keep foliage dry. Provide full light in winter, keep completely dry when dormant. Divide when growth recommences in spring.

Prone to spider mites, mealybugs, whiteflies, cymbidium mosaic virus, leaf spots, root rot, and pseudobulbs rot.