Dendrochilum – Golden Chain Orchid – Rice Orchids – Orchid

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Dendrochilum – Golden Chain Orchid – Rice Orchids

There are about 150 species of evergreen, epiphytic orchids, in this genus. They occur from Southeastern Asia and New Guinea, often found on trees and rocks by rivers at altitudes of 2,300-7,000′ feet high. They produces ovoid to cylindrical pseudobulbs which sprout 1 or 2 elliptic-lance shaped leaves. They are valued for their chain like pendent racemes of fragrant, small, dainty, star shaped flowers, borne in early summers, and are usually yellow.

Cool-growing orchids (see chart below). Grow in epiphytic orchid potting mix in a container. In summer, provide humid, shaded conditions and water freely applying fertilizer at every third watering. In winter, admit full light and water sparingly.

Prone to spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs.