Dennstaedtia punctiloba – North American Hay-scented Fern –

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Dennstaedtia –

There are about 70 species of deciduous ferns, in this genus. They occur mainly in woodland in tropical regions. In spring, erect, lance shaped or roughly triangular fronds, usually 2 or 3 pinnate, arise from a creeping rhizome, soon forming colonies that may become invasive. Sori develop along the edges of the frond segments, covered by cup shaped indusia. Use Dennstaedtia species to provide groundcover in a shady border.

Grow in moist, humus rich, acidic soil in partial to deep shade.

Prone to slugs and snails.

D. punctiloba – North American Hay-scented Fern – This fern from North America grows 18″ tall with an indefinite spread. It produces yellow-green fronds, 6-18″ long, are erect to arching, lance shaped and 2 or 3 pinnate, with linear segments.

Zones 3-8