Dipsacus fullonum – Dipsacus sylvestris – Fuller’s Teasel – Wild Teasel – Teasel –


Dipsacus – Teasel –

There are about 15 species of hairy or prickly biennials or short lived perennials, in this genus.   They occur in damp grassland and woodland in Europe, Northern Africa, and temperate Asia. The simple or pinnatifid, toothed or cut leaves are held in opposite pairs. In the second summer, teasals bear cone shaped, white, pink, or purple flowers on long upright, branching stems. Grow in a wild garden.

Grow in any moderately fertile soil, including heavy clays, in sun or partial shade. Harvest flowers for air drying in mid and late summer. Self seeds freely.

D. fullonum – D. sylvestris – Fuller’s Teasel – Wild Teasel – This prickly biennial from Europe and Western Africa grows 5-6′ feet tall and 12-32″ wide. It produces basal rosettes of simple, oblong-lance shaped, toothed, pointed, dark green leaves, 12″ or more long, covered in spiny pustules. Pairs lance shaped leaves are borne on upright stems in the second summer, joined at their bases to form a cup. In mid and late summer it bears oblong-ovoid, thistle-like, mauve-pink or white flowers, 1 1/4-3″ long, with stiff, curved, prickly bracts.

Zones 5-8