Emilia coccinea – Cacalis coccinea – Cacalia sagittata – Emilia flammea – Emilia javanica – Flora’s Paintbrush – Cacalia – Tassel Flower –

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Emilia – Cacalia – Tassel Flower –

There are about 24 species of rosette forming annuals, in this genus. They occur in disturbed ground or stony slopes, to 11,500′ feet high, in tropical Africa, India, and Polynesia. The lower leaves are lance-shaped-oblong or pinnatifid, stalkless or with winged stalks, the upper leaves are oblong to ovate, and clasp the stems. In summer, stiff, slender, leaf stems carr upright, tassel-like, red, yello, purple-red, or orange flowers, held singly or in corymbs. Grow in an annual border. The flowers are good for drying.

Grow in well drained soil in full sun.

E. coccinea – Cacalis coccinea – C. sagittata – E. flammea – E. javanica – Flora’s Paintbrush – This smooth to slightly hairy, rosette forming annual from tropical Africa grows 18-24″ tall 12-24″ wide. It produces mid green leaves, to 5 ½” long, lower ones stalkless and either smooth or toothed edged. In summer, it bears fluffy, orange-red or scarlet flowers, to ½” across, held singly or in loosely clustered corymbs.

Hardiness 9-1