Eriophyllum lanatum – Golden Yarrow – Woolly Sunflower –


Eriophyllum – Golden Yarrow – Woolly Sunflower –

There are about 12 species of herbaceous annuals, perennials and subshrubs, in this genus. They occur mostly in open, sandy scrub, often in mountainous area, in Western North America. They have narrow, alternate, deeply toothed or pinnatifid, leaves with a noticeable covering of felty hairs. Mainly in summer they bears cymes or corymbs of daisy like flowers on top of upright stems. Grow in a rock garden, at the front of a border, on a dry wall, or in paving crevices.

Grow in light, poor to moderately fertile, sharply drained soil in full sun. Cut back after flowering to keep compact. Divide in spring. May be shot lived in climates with warm, wet summers. Divide in spring.

Prone to rust, scale, slugs and snails, and mice.

E. lanatum – Woolly Sunflower – This variable, vigorous, clump forming perennial from Northwestern North America grows 8-24″ tall and wide. It produces erect or decumbent stems clothed in white felted, silvery gray leaves. The basal leaves, to 3″ long, are spoon shaped to inversely lance shaped, and are either smooth edged or lobed, the smaller stem leaves are pinnatifid, or narrow and smooth edged. Over long periods from late spring to summer it bears a succession of daisy like brilliant yellow flowers, 3/4-1 ½” across, held singly or in loose corymbs. Tolerate drought.

Zones 5-8