Hieracium maculatum – Hawkweed –

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Hieracium – Hawkweed –

There are about 260 species of tap rooted, perennials many of which are weeds, in this genus. They are widespread over the Northern Hemisphere occurring in diverse habitats, including grass land, dry, stony slopes, cultivated fields, and alpine meadows. They have basal rosettes of lance shaped to linear or obovate, smooth edged to deeply toothed, pale to dark green leaves and dandelion like flowers, in yellow, orange or red. Those described below are grown mainly for their downy foliage and loose panicles of flowers borne in summer. They are suitable for a large rock garden or wild garden, but may self seed freely.

Grow in poor, well drained soil in full. The flowers may be removed for best foliage effects, but if retained, should be deadheaded to prevent excessive sel seeding. Dived in spring.

Prone to caterpillars, slugs and snails, powdery mildew, rust, and smut.

H. maculatum – This clump forming perennial from Western and Central Europe grows 8-32″ tall and 8-12″ wide. It produces red violet or deep purple stems and ovate to narrowly lance shaped, toothed, brown-purple-marked, mid green leaves, to ½” long. It bears one to many deep yellow flowers, to 1″ across, often in corymbs.

Zones 5-9