Hyacinthoides h. ‘Excelsior’ – Endymion – Bluebell – bulb

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Hyacinthoides – Endymion – Bluebell –

H. hispanica – Endymion hispanica – Scilla campanulata – Scilla hispanica – Spanish bluebell – This robust, bulbous perennials, from Portugal and Spain grows 12-16″ tall. It quickly forms large clumps of erect, strap shaped, glossy, bright green leaves, 8-24″ long. In spring, it bears racemes of up to 15 nodding, bell shaped, unscented, blue to lilac flowers, to 1″ long, with reflexed tips and blue anthers. This species is the most popular and most easily grown.

grows 20-22″ tall and bears violet-blue flowers, striped paler blue

zones 4-10