Lithocarpus densiflorus – Tanbark Oak – Tan Oak

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Lithocarpus –

There are about 300 species of oak and chestnut like, evergreen trees and shrubs in this genus. They occur in forest and mountain slopes, mainly in Eastern and Southeastern Asia, with one species occurring in Western USA. It produces leaves which are alternate, leathery, and mostly smooth edged, but occasionally toothed. Cylindrical male and female flowers (either unisexual or bisexual) are held in erect spikes at or near the ends of the branches (like a chestnut), and are followed by clusters of acorns(like the oaks acorns), usually closely packed on the spikes. Grown for their handsome foliage, they are effective both as specimen trees and in open site in a woodland garden.

Grow in moderately fertile, acidic to neutral, moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

Prone to oak wilt and powdery mildew..

L. densiflorus – Tanbark Oak – Tan Oak – This spreading, evergreen tree from Oregon and California grows 30-80′ feet tall and wide. It produces oblong, toothed, prominently veined, leathery, dark green leaves, to 5″ long, covered with thick pale orange felt at first, becoming hairless and smooth, glossy with age. In summer it bears tiny, cylindrical white to pale yellow flowers in upright spikes, to 4″ long, sometimes followed by solitary or paired acorns, to 1″ long, in autumn.

Zones 6-11