Astrantia major ‘Roma’ – Masterwort –


Astrantia major ‘Roma’


comes in quart or in 1 gallon pots

Astrantia major – Masterwort – This variable clump forming perennial from Central and Eastern Europe grows to 12-36” tall and spreads to 18” wide. It produces 3 to 7 lobed, toothed, palmate basal leaves, 3-6” long. It bears green veined white or pink tinted bracts, surround the small, green, white, purple-red, or pink intricately formed daisy like flowers carried in umbels ¾-1 ¼” wide almost throughout summer.

Grow near edge of stream or ponds where soil is always moist, preferably humus rich in sun or partial shade. Divide in early spring.

zones 5-8