Filipendula ‘Purpurea Elegans’ – Meadowsweet –


Filipendula ‘Purpurea Elegans’


comes in 2 or 3 gallon pots

Filipendula –

F. purpurea – Japanese Meadowsweet – This upright, clump forming perennial from Japan grows 4′ feet tall and half as wide. It produces pinnate, toothed leaves, with irregularly 5 to 7 lobed, rounded to obovate terminal leaflets, to 10″ across, and few, if any, small lateral leaflets. In mid and late summer, branching, crimson-purple stems carry dense corymbs, 2″ across, of carmine-re flowers becoming paler as they age.

‘Elegans’ – has light,
greenish yellow foliage

Grow all but F. vulgaris in moderately fertile, leafy,. Moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. F. rubra and F. ulmaria will also thrive in swampy, boggy conditions. Gold leaved forms color best in partial shade. Grow F. vulgaris in dries, alkaline soil in full sun. Mulch in spring. Divide in autumn or spring.

zones 4-9