Neilla sinensis –



There are about 10 species of deciduous shrubs and subshrubs in this genus. They occur in scrub and at rocky stream margins in the Himalayas and Eastern Asia. From zigzagged branches it carries dark, glossy, leaves with prominent veined held alternate, and are irregularly toothed, each with up to 5, but usually 3 lobes and color to yellow in autumn..   They are grown for their graceful, arching habit and their racemes or panicles of small, bell shaped flowers, profusely borne in late spring or early summer. Grow in a shrub border.

Grow in fertile, well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

N. sinensis – This thicket forming, suckering shrub from Central China grows 6-10′ feet tall and wide. It has peeling brown bark. From arching shoots it carries 3 lobed, ovate to oblong, sharply toothed, and long pointed leaves to 4″ long, which are purplish bronze when young. In late spring and early summer it bears small, bell shaped, pinkish white flowers, to ½” long, are held in slender, 12 to 20 flowered racemes, to 2 ½” long.

Zones 5-7