Norfolk Island Pine decorated with red bows in decorative foil

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x-mas decoration

Araucaria heterophylla

fast grower interior plant

comes in 10′ pot – 4-5′ feet tall and 12″ pot – 5-6′ feet tall

Araucaria heterophylla – Araucaria excelsa – Norfolk Island Pine – Araucaria excelsa of gardens – This fast growing conical coniferous tree with distinctive symmetrical tree form coastal regions of Norfolk Island grows 80-200’ feet tall and just 20-25’ feet wide. Best known as houseplant. On young trees leaves are narrowly wedge shaped, light green to ½” long, on mature trees they are crowded scale like sharply bent back up to ¼” long. Female cones are spherical and are up to 4” long, and male cones are 1 ½-3” long in cylindrical shape. They’re able to thrive in deep sands, they need reliable water when young but can tolerate dry spells once establish and tolerant to shade when young and can be long lasting in pots. Also tolerate to salt laden winds.

Most are used for large gardens but can be grown indoors in soil-based potting mix in full light with good ventilation. In growing season water freely and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks, keep just moist in winter.

Zones 9-11