Ophrys – Orchids

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Ophrys –

There are about 30 species of deciduous, tuberous, terrestrial orchids from Europe, Mediterranean Islands, Northern Africa, and Western Asia, occurring in habitats ranging from marshes and grassland to woodland and mountain sides. They produces basal rosettes of broad oval, mid green leaves. From the rosettes arise erect inflorescences with small, bract like leaves and racemes of 2-12 flowers, each has 3 spreading sepal, 2 petals, and a large lip, often striking colored and resembling the abdomen of a bee or other insect. The flowers are rarely much over 1″ wide but have a lower lip often as large as the rest of the flowers. Ophrys species are suitable for a rock garden or for naturalizing in fine grass, in we, cold climates.

Grow these very difficult plants outdoors in sharply drained, gritty, leafy, humus rich soil in partial shade. Plant dormant tubers in autumn, at least 2″ deep. Where marginally hardy provide a dry winter mulch. Some are frost hardy.(see chart below)

Prone to slugs and snails.