Petteria ramentacea – Dalmatian laburnum –

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Petteria –
There is a sole species of a deciduous shrub, in this genus.  It occurs in mountain scrubs in the Balkans.  It is grown for its dense, erect, terminal racemes of fragrant, yellow, pea like flowers, borne in late spring and summer.  P. ramentacea has long stalked, 3, palmate leaves arranged alternately.  Grow in a mixed or shrub border.  The seeds may cause stomach upset if ingested.
Grow in well drained, fertile soil in full sun.

P. ramentacea – Dalmatian laburnum – This upright shrub from the Balkans grows 6′ feet tall and half as wide.  It produces 3 palmate, dark green leaves, to 3 ½” long, light green beneath, consisting of elliptic to rounded leaflets.  In late spring and early summer it bears fragrant yellow flowers, to 3/4″ long, are held in dense, upright racemes to 3″ long.
Zones 6-9