Phaius – orchid

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Phaius –
There are 20-30 deciduous to evergreen, terrestrial and epiphytic orchids in this genus. They occur from lowlands and montane forest in Africa, Madagascar, Asia, Indonesia, Northern Australia, and the Pacific Islands. They have spherical to ovoid, sometimes stem like pseudobulbs, each with 3-10 large, folded, lance shaped to elliptic, mid green leaves, arranged alternately. Colorful, often spectacular flowers, with smooth edged or lobed lips and spreading petals, are borne in tall, upright, axillary, many flowered racemes from near the bases of the plants.
Intermediate growing orchids (see chart below). Grow in terrestrial orchid potting mix in deep containers that allow room for the copious root system. In summer, provide high humidity and bright filtered light and water freely, applying fertilizer at every third watering. Once the leaves are fully developed, mist twice daily. In winter water sparingly and provide full light.
Prone to scale insects, spider mites, aphids, mealybugs, petal blight, bacterial soft rot, pseudobulbs rots, cymbidium mosaic viruses, and odonttoglossum viruses.