Phalaenopsis – Moth Orchid – orchid

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Phalaenopsis – Moth Orchid –
There are 50-60 evergreen, mainly epiphytic monopodial orchids in this genus. They occur from sea level to lowland forest in the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, and North Australia. They each have a short, upward growing, stem like rhizome, lacking pseudobulbs and producing 33-6 broadly obovate or oval, upright or semi pendent, fleshy, mid to dark green, sometimes mottled leaves. Flowers look like fluttering butterflies held in simple or branched racemes, are produced from the bases of the leaves, often throughout the year, remaining in bloom for 2 or 3 months.
Warn growing orchids (see chart below). Grow epiphytically on slabs of bark, or in epiphytic orchid potting mix in a slatted basket to allow the aerial roots to hang outside. Provide high humidity and bright filtered light all year. From spring to autumn, water freely, mist daily, and apply a balanced fertilizer monthly. In winter, water sparingly, keeping the foliage dry. Support the racemes , and cut back flowered stems to a lower node to encourage production of further flowers.
Prone to petal blight, bacterial soft rot, pseudobulbs rots, cymbidium mosaic virus, odontoglossum virus, edema, and iron deficiency.