Phegopteris hexagonoptera – Thelypteris hexagonoptera – Broad Beech Fern – Beech Fern –

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Phegopteris – Beech Fern –
There are 3 or 4 species of deciduous, terrestrial ferns in the Thelypteridaceae family, in this genus. They occur in shady banks and rocks in high rainfall areas throughout the Northern Hemisphere and in Southeastern Asia. The pinnate to 2 pinnate or pinnatifid fronds, with pinnatifid or pinnatisect pinnae, arise at random from each erect to creeping rhizome, the fronds turning at right angles to the light. Round sori, without protective indusia, are produced in 2 rows on the undersides of the frond segments. Beech ferns are ideal for growing in a moist, shady border, or among rocks where the soil does not dry out.
Grow in moderately fertile, humus rich, reliably moist soil, preferably in deep shade. Divide in spring.

P. hexagonoptera – Thelypteris hexagonoptera – Broad Beech Fern – This deciduous fern from Eastern North America grows 16″ tall and with a very variable width. It produces long stalked, triangular, pinnate-pinnatifid fronds, 16″ long. Similar to P. connectilis, but fronds and pinnae are broader, the lowest pair of pinnae does not point forward or downward.
Zones 3-8