Phillyrea angustifolia – Mock Privet –

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Phillyrea – Mock Privet –
There are 2 to 4 species of evergreen shrub or small trees in the Oleaceae family, in this genus. They occur in woodland and rocky places from the Mediterranean to Southwestern Asia. Grown for their habit and foliage, they have opposite, ovate to lanceolate, sometimes with toothed edges, yellow green to dark green leaves. The very small, but fragrant, 4 lobed, salverform greenish white flowers are held in axillary cymes, followed by spherical or ovoid, blue black fruits. Grow in a shrub border or as specimen plants. Where marginally hardy, grow against a sheltered wall.
Grow in fertile, well drained soil, ideally in full sun, with shelter from cold, dry winds. Tolerates partial shade. It withstands frequent trimming.
Prone to whiteflies.

P. angustifolia – This dense, bushy shrub from the dry hills of the Mediterranean grows 10′ feet tall and wide. It produces narrowly lance , dark green leaves, normally with smooth edges, to 3″ long. Inconspicuous, fragrant, greenish cream flowers are held in cymes, ½” across, in late spring and early summer, followed by spherical, blue-black fruit, 1/4″ across. Useful shrub for coastal regions.
Zones 7-9