Picrasma quassioides – Picrasma ailanthoides – Quassia –

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Picrasma –
There are 6-9 deciduous tree in the Simaroubaceae family, in this genus. They occur in forest in China through Southeastern Asia, West Indies, Central America and tropical South America. They have alternate, pinnate leaves, each with a terminal leaflet, and produce axillary, umbel like panicles of tiny, bowl shaped flowers, followed by small, berry like fruit. P. quassioides is grown for its autumn color, grow in an open position in woodland garden.
Grow in fertile, well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Protect from cold drying winds.

P. quassioides – P. ailanthoides – Quassia – This upright deciduous tree from Northern Asia grows 25′ feet tall and wide. It has smooth dark, grey-brown bark. It produces pinnate leaves to 15″ long, composed of 7-15, opposite, ovate sharply toothed, glossy, mid green leaflets, turning yellow, orange, and red in autumn. In early summer it bears tiny, bowl shaped pale green flowers held in loose umbel like panicles, to 8″ long.
Zones 6-9