Pleione – Orchids

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There are 16-20 species of miniature, deciduous, epiphytic, terrestrial, or lithophytic orchids in this genus. They occur mainly from wet forest or woodland, at altitudes of 3,259-13,000′ feet or higher, from Northern India to Southern Chian and Taiwan. They produce short lived, globose or flask shaped crowded pseudobulbs with one or two folded, lance shaped to elliptic, mid green leaves, 6″ long, which usually fall before flowering. The often solitary flowers, 3″ across, are borne on short stems, 2-4″ long, from new growth, at varius times of the year. Grow as cool growing houseplants.

Cool growing orchids (see chart below). Grow in shallow pans of terrestrial or epiphytic orchid potting mix. Repot annually before flowering, Water freely in spring and summer until the leaves begin to die down, then keep just moist and admit full light and moderate humidity, mist twice daily, and feed at every third watering. In winter, allow a brief period of rest, reducing the temperate to 32-35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prone to aphids, spider mites, slugs, and mealybugs.