Pleurothallis – Orchids

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Pleurothallis –

There are about 900 mainly small, evergreen, epiphytic or rarely lithophytic orchids found in tropical North, Central and South America, from Mexico to Peru and Brazil, they occur in forest from low altitudes to over 8,000′ feet. Although extremely variable in form and habit, they typically produce slender stems on creeping rhizomes, with a solitary, lance shaped to almost rounded, leathery, mid green leaf at the apex of each stem. One or many flowers, ½-1 1/4″ across, may be produced singly or in racemes from the base of each leaf.

Cool to intermediate growing orchids (see chart below). Grow epiphytically on bark, or pot tightly into small containers of epiphytic orchid potting mix of fine grade bark. In summer, provide bright filtered light and high humidity, water freely, mist twice daily, and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer at every third watering.. In winter, admit full light and water more sparingly.

Prone to spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs.