Poa alpina var. vivipara – Alpine Meadow Grass – Meadow Grass – Spear Grass –

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Poa – Meadow Grass – Spear Grass –
There are about 500 mainly perennial grasses (some are annuals and a few being weeds) in this genus. They occur in cool temperate regions in a wide range of habitats, from seashores to alpine zones. They include a number of important fodder, tough lawn, and pasture grasses. Of variable habit, they are grown for their narrowly linear, flat to folded leaves which are often thickened and jointed at the bases and usually bright green or blue green, and for their open or compact, summer flowering panicles. Most grown species (most notably P. pratensis, Kentucky Bluegrass) are grown as turf grasses or for agricultural purposes. P. alpina var. vivipara is grown as a curiosity, either in a rock garden or at the front of a border. P. chaixii and other ornamental species are suitable for a border, and for naturalizing in woodland and other shady situations.
Grow in moderately fertile, medium to light, well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Remove flowering stems to prevent self seeding, cut back dead foliage in early spring.

P. alpine var. vivipara – Alpine Meadow Grass – This densely tufted perennial found from Western Europe to Central Asia grows 12″ tall and 8″ wide. It produces neat mounds of thick, flat, linear, short pointed, mid green leaves, 1 ½-4″ long. From early to late summer it bears dense, ovoid pyramidal, short branched, purplish green flower spikelets have been replaced by tiny plantlets. , to 3″ long.
Zones 5-8