Pseudolarix amabilia – Pseudolarix kaempferi – Golden Larch –

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Pseudolarix – Golden Larch –
There is a sole species of a monoecious, deciduous, coniferous tree in this genus. It occurs in forest in Eastern China. It produces leaves that are linear and borne in rosettes on short shoots (spurs), or spirally on long lateral or upright shoots (as in Larix). It is grown for its attractive branch arrangement and for the fiery hues of yellow, orange and red-brown color in autumn. The female cones have large, triangular green scales and release the seeds by disintegrating, the male cones are catkin like and clustered on short shoots. P. amabilis is an excellent specimen tree, but is slow growing.
Grow in deep, humus enriched, fertile, acidic to neutral, well drained soil in a warm, sheltered site in full sun or morning shade.

P. amabilia – P. kaempferi – This broadly conical or flattened, open crowned tree from Southern and Eastern China grow 50-70′ feet tall and 20-40′ feet wide. It feature reddish brown, deeply fissured and scaly bark with raised plate like pieces, and purple, later grayish purple shoots with ovoid buds. It produces linear, soft, pale green leaves, with bluish undersides, 3/4-2″ long held in whorls, and turn golden yellow in autumn, are borne on both long and short shoots, Erect, ovoid, yellow-green female cones, 2 ½-3″ long, ripening to brown, are spiky due to the free tips of the scales.
Zones 5-9