Purshia tridentate – Antelope Bush –

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Purshia – Antelope Bush –

There are 2 species of deciduous shrubs or small trees in this genus. They occur from hot dry region of Western North America. They produce alternate, deeply 3 lobed, wavy edged, gray green leaves and terminal, solitary, white, cream, or yellow flowers. Grow in warm, sheltered shrub border or at the base of a warm, sunny wall.

Grow in well drained, moderately fertile soil in full sun.

P.tridentata – This erect, wide spreading shrub found from Oregon to New Mexico grows 10′ feet tall and 8-10′ feet wide. It has gray or brown bark. From densely woolly branches it carries wedge shaped, softly hairy, gray green leaves, to 1 1/4″ long, densely white woolly beneath. From spring to summer it bears solitary, cream-yellow flowers, ½” across.

Zones 6-8