Puschkiania scilloides var. libanotica – Puschkiania libanotica Striped Squill – Lebanon Squill –

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Puschkiania – Striped Squill – Lebanon Squill –
There is a sole species of a bulbous perennial, related to Chionodoxa and Scilla, in this genus. It occurs in the Middle East, in damp grasslands. It is grown for its small, densely packed racemes of bell shaped, pale blue flowers with darker blue stripes, borne in spring. The bulbs each have 2 semi erect basal leaves. Grow P. scilloides in a rock garden or among shrubs.
Grow in any well drained soil in full sun or dappled shade.
Prone to viruses.

P. scilloides – This small, bulbous perennial from the Caucasus, Turkey, Lebanon, Northern Iraq, and Northern Iran grows 4-8″ tall. It produces 2 semi erect, linear to strap, basal leaves, to 6″ long. In spring it bears strongly scented, compact racemes of 4-10 star shaped, pale blue flowers, 3/8″ across with long, sharply pointed lobes.
Var. libanotica – P. libanotica – has smaller white flowers, to 3/8″ across, rarely striped blue, with long, sharply pointed lobes.
Zones 3-9