Quercus coccinea – Scarlet Oak –

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Q. coccinea – Scarlet Oak – This rounded, deciduous tree from Central and Eastern North America grows 70-80′ feet tall and 50′ feet wide.It has pale gray-brown bark in scaly plates which darken with age.It produces glossy, dark green leaves, to 6″ long, are oblong or elliptic, usually with 3 deep lobes ending in bristle tipped teeth, and paler and with tufts of hairs in the vein axils beneath, that slowly turn brilliant scarlet in autumn.It bears ovoid to nearly spherical acorns.Requires acidic soil and tolerates pollution.

Grow in deep, fertile, well drained soil in sun or partial shade, evergreen species prefer full sun.They tolerate alkaline soils unless stated otherwise.

zones 5-9