Quercus phellos – Quercus pumila – Willow Oak – Willow-leafed Oak –


Q. phellos – Q. pumila – Willow Oak – Willow-leafed Oak – This spreading, deciduous tree from Eastern USA grows 70-100′ feet tall and 50′ feet wide.It initially has smooth gray bark later becoming fissured, often purple-gray with rough horizontal wrinkles with age.It produces willow-like, smooth edged or slightly wavy edged, slender, linear to narrowly oblong, shiny light green leaves, to 5″ long, and turn yellow to bright orange then brown in autumn.It bears spherical acorns.Requires lime free soil

Grow in deep, fertile, well drained soil in sun or partial shade, evergreen species prefer full sun.They tolerate alkaline soils unless stated otherwise.

zones 6-9